Pickle soup


Beef with bones — 400 grams
Potatoes — 4 pieces
Onions — 1 pc
Carrots — 1 piece
Pickled cucumbers — 250 grams
Pickle cucumber — 150 milliliter
Tomato paste — 3 tbsp
Vegetable oil — 40 milliliter
Salt and pepper — — to taste
Barley porridge — 75 grams


Here are our ingredients necessary for the preparation of rassolnik.
A piece of meat fill with water (about 2.5 liters), put on fire, bring to a boil.
Penk during cooking, always remove.
When the broth boils — slow down the heat to low and cook for another 40 minutes, then add to the pot barley. Increase the heat to medium, continue cooking.
Thinly shinkuem carrots (you can ring or polukolechkami — as you like).
Finely cut our onions.
Cucumbers cut into small cubes.
Onions and carrots a few minutes passeruem on vegetable oil.
When the onion zazolotitsya — add to the pan cucumbers.

Immediately after this we add to the pan a little tomato paste.
Finally, pour into the pan a little brine. Simmer.
Meat, varivsheesya with barley for half an hour, take out from the broth. Free the meat from the bones and put back into the soup.
Potatoes cut into cubes — and also in the soup.
Cook 10 minutes, then add to the saucepan our zazharku.
Cook another 5-7 minutes pickle, then remove from heat. Give brew under the lid for about 10 minutes — and serve.pickle-soup

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