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Pate two salmon


The fresh salmon — 150 g
Smoked salmon (you can substitute ketoi, salmon, trout) — 80 g
Sour cream (thick) — 50 g
Butter (room temperature) — 10 g
Mustard — 1 tsp
Green onion — 1 tsp
Paprika — to taste


1. Fresh salmon or boil for a couple, either in the microwave or just in the water.
2. Let cool and mash with a fork. Smoked salmon cut into small pieces.
3. Beat with a mixer not advise, though if you want a smooth pate. Mix both types of salmon, add sour cream, mustard, butter and green onions.
4. I don’t eat salt, just added a bit of paprika. But this is to taste. Mix well.
5. Leave for at least an hour in the fridge. From this quantity of ingredients is obtained 220 g pate.pate-two-salmon

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