Berry Sabayon

Quantity: 4 servings Ingredients: • 200 g of various fresh berries • a few drops of lemon juice • 20 g powdered sugar • a few mint leaves Sabayon • 8 egg yolks • 120 g of sugar • 100 ml of any of Muscat sparkling wine Method of preparation …

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A sweet paste made from adzuki beans to the pancakes

Pasta made from adzuki – a traditional sweet for many countries in Asia. Not too familiar taste but we love it! These Japanese pancakes are called “Dora-yaki”. “Dora” means Gong. And the truth is, Dora-yaki is like a small Gong -the filling is placed not in the usual “envelope”, and …

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Sweet coconut rice

Desserts of sticky rice (this sort, not physical condition) – this is a mandatory component of many, if not all, Asian cuisines. It can cook in water with sugar, but is more often cooked in coconut milk. It is quite natural for us to taste – creamy sweet rice. If …

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Fried bananas in coconut shavings

style=”display: block;” /> In Thailand love sweet but not too sweet. This is especially good when it’s hot, because after a spicy curry or soup don’t want dessert in the European sense. Anyway, Thai dessert is quite possible to have Breakfast or dinner – it is quite satisfying. What else …

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Glazed sweet potatoes

/> So crispy on the outside and crumbly inside, the potatoes are first fried in deep fat, and then covered with a freshly brewed caramel. The result is a delicacy, which is only one problem – not to burn the tongue and palate, when you bite into the first piece. …

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How to make ice cream at home

  Romantic France and the era of Napoleon 3rd gave the world the consummate cold dessert, which we’ll talk today. In the Slavic vastness recipe ice cream sundae at home is somewhat different from the French tradition, while remaining no less delicious. Treat, a favorite of most people is not …

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Matsoni with honey

    Matsoni with honey is very delicious and most importantly useful. Ingredients have a high amount of vitamins and minerals that our body needs. For 1 person     • Preparation: 15 min. You will need: – yoghurt 120 g– walnuts 30 g – honey 50 g Preparation: 1. …

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Cottage cheese dessert for a couple

Ingredients 250 grams cottage cheese (low-fat) 150 gr dried apricots 150 g cream 30-35% (you can replace 20%) 2 eggs 100 gr sugar 100 gr walnuts 50 ml cognac The recipe of cooking at home Apricots washed in warm water, dry, and fold into a small bowl. Pour the brandy …

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Dessert chocolate “kiss”


Ingredients: 1 – 1.5 tiles of dark chocolate 1 teaspoon instant coffee 2 tablespoons hot water 4 egg whites, pinch of salt, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Preparation: 1-1,5 tiles of dark chocolate melt in a water bath, add 1 teaspoon of instant coffee with 2 tablespoons hot water, stir …

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Dessert-mousse “Chocolate Marquise”


You will need: 200g of butter, 150g of grated chocolate, 5 eggs. How to cook a dessert of chocolate Marquise. Put the chocolate in the bowl and put it in a water bath, slowly heat the chocolate should be fully melted, adding butter one cube, continuously stir the chocolate with …

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Fried chicken with Brussels sprouts


Ingredients: -500 g chicken fillet (or Turkey fillet) -400 g Brussels sprouts (or cauliflower, broccoli) -200 g onions -200 g carrots – Sol -pepper -vegetable oil Preparation: -Onions finely crumble. Carrots to rub on average grater. -Fillets cut into small pieces. -Fry the onions in vegetable oil. -Add the carrots …

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Simply magic cake


Very aromatic, with a good dense cake (by the way, they are very large pores, which quickly filled with cream), a pleasant combination of sour cream and sweet (not sweet) cakes. Ingredients: For the cake: Carrot grated — 450-500 g Zest and juice of orange — 1 PC. Brown sugar …

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