Meat rolls with potatoes in cream


– 500 gr of meat
– 2 eggs
– 3 tablespoons of cream
– 200 g of cream (for filling)
– 2 cloves of garlic
– dill
– salt


1. Beat 2 eggs with cream, herbs and a pinch of salt.
2. Grease and preheat the pan. Bake the omelet (see step 1)
3. Cool him, to smear a little mayonnaise, rolled into a tube and cut into small pieces.
4. Meat cut into pieces, and beat the grease mixture (salt, pepper, garlic). On each slice of meat lay on a piece of omelette, roll them up.

5. Form for baking grease, put meat rolls. Between the roulettes – potatoes, cut into circles.
6. Place in preheated oven for 20 min.
7. After 20 minutes remove from the oven, pour the cream and put back in bake (another 30 minutes).
8. Mix 2 tablespoons of softened butter with 2 cloves of garlic and dill.
9. Before serving, pour over casserole garlic-dill butter.meat-rolls-with-potatoes-in-cream

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