Sugar — 370 g
Baby applesauce — 130 g
Water — 75 ml
Egg white — 1 piece
Agar-agar 8 g
Vanilla sugar — 5 g


1. Divide the sugar into two parts, the first 230 g, 140 g and the second
Puree (preferably Apple puree for baby food) mixed with 140 g of sugar and vanilla sugar, and leave to stand for a time, until the sugar dissolves. Regular mashed potatoes for this recipe is not suitable because it has a lot of sugar and marshmallows will work with grains and very cloying.
2. In water to dissolve the agar-agar (you can’t replace it with gelatin, because the properties are different, to find this ingredient in the online shops, the price available). Bring mixture to a boil.
3. Pour in a mixture of 230 g of sugar, stir and boil until the solution will not drain from the Corolla viscous jet. If the solution drips, then it’s not ready yet. The ready solution remove from heat and leave to stand for a time (at 40 C, it will begin to thicken).
4. Back to the puree, the sugar is already dissolved, you can now pour half of the protein (split the protein into two parts is not easy, so if it doesn’t work exactly half — don’t worry) and start whisking.
Once the mixture begins to turn white, you need to pour the remainder of the protein and again vzbit.
5. A thin stream, still whisking, begin to enter the solution with agar-agar.
At 40C agar starts to thicken, so whip marshmallows have up to this temperature.
6. At this stage you can add dyes, if desired. Pour a few drops in marshmallows and whisk until homogenous staining.
Place obtained the marshmallow mixture into a piping bag (if you have no bag, you can turn an ordinary sheet of paper to roll into a cone and cut a hole on the end).
By the way, as an idea, this marshmallow mixture can be used as a glaze for cake or pastries.
7. To prepare a smooth surface, plank or thick Mat, which can be planted marshmallows to fill it with powder (no powder, you can use flour, not so good, but the marshmallow won’t stick to the surface).
After marshmallows assumed its form, it can be decorated, sprinkled chocolate or waffle crumb. This time I used with cinnamon, marshmallows turned out very flavorful, advise if the taste does not cause you negative.
8. Marshmallows in a few hours will be ready for use. If everything was done correctly and the quality of the products is not in doubt, the result of your work will become a classic dessert, fluffy, with a little sour and fragrant.marshmallows

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