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Marinated tomatoes in Italian for 30 minutes

Europeans vegetables do not roll in the banks — it’s not popular here. The proposed marinated tomatoes in Italian that are ready in 30 minutes. Very refreshing, perfect as an appetizer, and as a garnish. My friends love, often ask for the recipe.


●small tomato — 3 pieces
●garlic (minced) — 1 clove
●chopped greens (parsley, dill) — 1 table.spoon
●salt — 1/3 teaspoon
●sugar — 1/3 teaspoon
●French mustard — 1/2 teaspoon
●ground black pepper — to taste
●olive oil — 2 table. spoon
●Apple cider vinegar — 1/2 table. spoon.


Tomatoes cut into rings. Mix all marinade and pour each slice of tomato.
Put the tomatoes on three ring, cover and put on 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

Serve, sprinkled with herbs.marinated-tomatoes-in-italian-for-30-minutes