Manty with beef and a secret


Basil and cilantro


1. meat cut across the grain into small pieces
2. Fold in the cup
3. Net grenades — we need it for marinating meat to reduce the cooking time. (Since it is not beef, and chopped meat, the cooking time would be increased from 40 minutes to 60, and the grenades will allow us to break out of schedule. You can of course use other oxidizing agents, such as vinegar or lemon, but I prefer the grenades, as he said after the heat treatment does not give the product a sour taste.)

5. squeezes juice from pomegranate barbaric way
6. Cut the onion to fit into a blender
7. Puts onion in a blender to grind to pieces
8. Add the bell pepper
9. The crushed onion in a blender will allow us to not feel his pieces, and at the same time preserve the traditional dishes — namely, minced meat.
10. We spread the chopped onions in the ground meat
11. Now take a fresh basil and cilantro and their shinkuem
12. Green to pour heaps
13. Try to mix until smooth
14. It is time to take up the dough. Here, everything is standard …
15. Knead the dough

16. After 15 minutes, remove the pressure on the dough in the refrigerator so that it rested there for about 30 minutes, and again after a bit ProMes
17. Cut the dough into pieces. It must be super-elastic!
18. Kata batter confidently. To fine …
19. We spread the marinated meat with minced onion or simply stuffing
20. Getting zaschipyvat — first at the top of the filling
21. Now pinching proximal end

22. Then — on the far side of yourself
23. compresses at the edges to give a rectangular shape
23. Puts the board, floured
24. Now take the steamer and put the usual manti
25. Close the double boiler and set the timer for 40 minutes. All the process has begun …
26. The bell rang. Open the cover. .
27. We took out a mantle and remove the sample.manty-with-beef-and-a-secret

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