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«Love Dalmatians»


cottage cheese — 800 g
sugar — 3/4 Cup
eggs — 3 PCs
vanilla sugar — 1 packet
butter — 2 tablespoons
starch — 3 tablespoons
semolina — 3 tablespoons
salt — a pinch
flour — 2 tablespoons
cocoa — 1 tbsp
for decoration:
the white chocolate — 50 g
cream — 2 tablespoons
the dark chocolate 20 g


1. Cottage cheese, beat in a blender, dobaviv yolks, sugar, vanilla sugar, butter, starch, semolina, until smooth.
2. Beat whites with salt until peaks. Carefully vymeshivaem in cottage cheese.
3. Take 3 tablespoons of cottage cheese, add the flour and cocoa, mix well and form the «hearts» and «balls».
4. Put the cottage cheese in a baking dish, which should be sent with baking paper. In a lot talkive at different depths «hearts and balls.
5. Bake in the oven at 180 gr. approximately 45 minutes. Let cool in the form.
6. On a water bath melt the dark chocolate and draw on paper for baking shouldnae «hearts» and «circles».
7. Also rastaplivaem in a water bath white chocolate, peremium with cream. Cover the cheesecake with white chocolate and decorate with «hearts» and «circles».love-dalmatians

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