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Layered salad


Lettuce — 50 g
Spinach — 50 g
Boiled eggs — 8 PCs.
Tomatoes — 4 PCs.
Bacon slices — 16 pieces
Green peas — 200 g
Mayonnaise — 1/2 tbsp
Sour cream — 1/2 tbsp
Sugar — 1 tsp


1. Greens finely chop with a knife.
2. We spread it in a deep bowl and mix together with salt.
3. Chop the eggs. Then cut the bacon.
4. Take a deep bowl and on one lay the greens. Then add the eggs and top with bacon. Garlic cut into large pieces and spread on top of bacon.

5. Chop the tomatoes into small cubes.
6. And lay the next layer.
7. Chop the green onions in small rings.
8. Then put the grated cheese and green peas.
9. Dressing put over the vegetables. The salad is ready.layered-salad

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