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Layered salad with chicken and Korean carrot

Simple but very tasty and tender salad. I decorated the corn — my family love this salad it is in this combination. You can corn and don’t add, and decorate according to your taste.


Chicken fillet (boiled) — 400 g
Korean carrot — 100 g
Boiled eggs — 5 PCs.
Cheese — 100 g
Mayonnaise — 50-90 g
Salt, ground black pepper (to taste)
Canned corn (for decoration, optional)
Greens, bell peppers (for decoration)


1. Fillet cut into small cubes, eggs, peel and separate the whites from the yolks, Korean carrot chop.
2. Proteins, cheese and egg yolks to RUB on a small grater.
3. On the platter put the salad layers (each layer of grease with mayonnaise): chicken (season with a little salt and pepper), Korean carrot (half), egg yolks (salt, pepper), cheese, the remaining Korean carrots, proteins.
4. Decorate according to your taste. Let the salad soak for 3-4 hours.layered-salad-with-chicken-and-korean-carrot

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