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Layered salad «Pineapple»


potatoes — 3 medium
chicken — 1 breast
eggs — 3 PCs
cheese type «Russian» — 100 g
pickles — 4-6 PCs
red onion — 1 medium onion
the juice of half a lemon
marinated mushrooms
feathers of green onions for decoration
ground black pepper

Boil the potatoes in their skins until tender. Cool, peel, grate on a coarse grater.Cook hard-boiled eggs, cool, peel and grate on a coarse grater.Chicken boil, cool and cut into small pieces.

Cucumbers cut into small cubes.Grate the cheese on a coarse grater.Onion finely cut, for 5 minutes, pour the lemon juice, then the juice is drained and rinsed with cold water.Put the salad layers in the form of an oval on a dish, each layer coat with mayonnaise, in addition to the layers of the onion and cucumber

1st layer: potatoes
2nd layer: bow
3rd layer: half chicken
4th layer: pickled cucumbers
5-th layer: the remaining chicken meat
6th layer: cheese
7th layer: eggs

For decoration mushrooms cut into thin slices.The top layer of the salad well to grease with mayonnaise and decorate with slices of mushrooms, stacking in the form of shingles.To make the tip of the «pineapple» of feathers green onions.layered-salad-pineapple

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