Jelly fruit marmalade

Marmalade, manufactured industrially, reduce the price of using all kinds of artificial additives, flavorings and colorings, so home cooking options only from natural products — not only delicious, but also useful! Suitable for almost any kind of fruit and berries, including jujube get different taste and color. I used apple juice with pulp and a small amount of lemon juice, orange juice, juice of chernoplodki purchase and … drink tarragon. On the basis of tarragon marmalade turned particularly like the taste of purchased!

Marmalade — that an independent dessert, and ingredients for decorating cakes, ice cream, etc.
Read the method of preparation of agar on its packaging, there may be differences in different types of agar!

Prepare the ingredients:
apple juice or fruit — 400 ml
agar — 1 tbsp. spoon
sugar marmalade — to taste
sugar for dusting — on request

Use ready-made high-quality juice or squeeze it with juicers from selected fruits and berries. Add sugar to your liking. Then, in a small portion of the agar mix juice.
Pour the remaining juice.
Bring to the boil a lot and cook a minute while stirring.
It’s orange juice.
Pour the warm weight of formochkam marmalade. The photo plastic containers from the quail eggs and silicone molds for baking.
This apple juice with pulp and a little lemon juice.
This mass of tarragon.
After the silicone molds can leave marmalade or cut into round slices. It is advisable to give marmalade dry out a bit, because sometimes the surface acts as a few drops of liquid. Wishes marmalade roll in sugar.

Jelly marmalade fruit ready!jelly-fruit-marmalade

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