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Jelly dessert “Monkey joy”


Bananas – 2 pieces
Chocolate – 50 g
Vegetable oil – 1 tbsp
Gelatin – 10 g
Water – 30 ml

The cooking process

Do you like bananas? If Yes, then you will like chocolate and bananas! I suggest you to please your guests on new year’s night and to appease the hostess of the year – a Monkey – this is such an unusual banana dessert.

Especially jelly dessert “Monkey joy” like children, when, instead of the conventional banana, they discover chocolate! Preparing a dessert from the low products, but the taste and view chocolate souffl√© inside a banana is just divine.

Try to make dessert a secret from guests and family and enjoy the sight of their surprised faces when they open their bananas!

So, prepare a grocery list.

Gelatin soak in warm water.

IMPORTANT: For this dessert you should take unripe bananas, so they kept the form and did not pokharichauri in the refrigerator until the dessert will freeze.

Peel banana cut as in the photo, and carefully cut into the flesh of the banana, trying not to damage the peel.

Chocolate melts in the microwave. Carefully, dessert spoon, take out the pulp of the banana and spread it to the chocolate mass.

Well cleaned banana peel from the pulp.

Order jelly from sticking to the peel very carefully with a silicone brush, lubricating oil the inner part of the banana, including stripes.

With a mixer, beat chocolate with pulp of banana and add bloomed gelatin. All mix well and sent jelly-like mass in the fridge to harden for 30 minutes. During this time should prevent a lot two or three times.

When the chocolate banana weight podstine, carefully put it in a banana peel. Do not put very much weight. Close the banana peel and strip it a little shake to remove air bubbles in the jelly mass.

Wrap each banana in cling film tightly enough, so the banana kept the form. Send bananas in the fridge for 40 minutes until fully cured jelly.

Serves jelly dessert “Monkey joy” portion. Jelly is not very dense, quite smooth and flavorful. If you don’t want very much bother, you can just prepare this dessert in a sundae dish. But you will agree that this version of the dessert in the skin – more original and interesting.

I hope this gentle chocolate banana dessert will decorate your holiday table and will bring some pleasant moments enjoying the taste of you and your guests! Fun and sweet Christmas holidays!jelly-dessert-monkey-joy