Jelly cake from kiwi and sour cream

I want to share with you a recipe of his new masterpiece, which among my friends and family has caused a staggering emotions.



400 g of shortbread cookies
150 g butter
I jelly:
2 pack. shop jelly kiwi
2 kiwi
25 g gelatin
II jelly:
750 g sour cream
500 ml of milk
35 g of gelatin
200 g of sugar


1. The cookies I made into crumbs using a blender.
2. Butter melted, cooled and added to the liver. Kneaded the dough. It turned out quite crumbly but wet.
3. The baking dish was covered with plastic wrap. At the bottom laid out the dough and spread it over the entire surface, pressing well. Then put it in the fridge.

4. Packaged jelly threw the instructions, poured into the bowl, which is shaped like a baking pan, but it was lower and smaller in volume. Set to harden in the fridge.
5. After some time, added sliced kiwi. This became my fault. Is kiwi and pineapple not add fresh jelly, since they neutralize the effect of gelatin.
6. During the night it froze, but I did not despair, melted over low heat. Meanwhile, additional gelatin is dissolved in hot water and added to the syrup with kiwi. Put again in the fridge.

7. This move worked and after 4 hours the jelly was ready.
8. The bowl held a little in hot water and jelly easily moved away from the container. The form for the cake covered at the top and turned, that’s how it was in the middle.
9. Next, the milk is brought nearly to boiling and poured them gelatin. Carefully stir until dissolved and let it cool down.

10. Sour cream with sugar beat with a mixer until the sugar is dissolved. In the process added the vanilla. During preparation, try the cream, it should be sweet, as later added to fresh milk.
11. Turning off the blender in a thin stream added milk with the gelatin. This is to ensure that there were no lumps of gelatin and immediately grabbed the cold cream.

12. This mixture is poured carefully into the free space in the form and put it in the fridge for another hour.
13. This time was enough to seize. Carefully removed the bumpers and plastic wrap. The weight of the cake about 2 ½ — 3 lbs.

Frankly, when jelly kiwi did not work, I wanted to give up, but I’m glad I brought the recipe to the end. My home and came in the evening, guests were shocked at the beginning by the unusual appearance of the cake, and then the taste. He was very delicate and airy, sweet and sour taste. When you finish a piece, really know what one you will not fit.

I tried jelly milk and sour cream. Such options I did not like, so I took a chance these products to connect and not lost. In tandem they worked at 100%. This part of the cake was similar to a soufflé, only denser in consistency.jelly-cake-from-kiwi-and-sour-cream

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