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How to make ice cream at home


Romantic France and the era of Napoleon 3rd gave the world the consummate cold dessert, which we’ll talk today. In the Slavic vastness recipe ice cream sundae at home is somewhat different from the French tradition, while remaining no less delicious. Treat, a favorite of most people is not easy, but we must not stop, because home cooking is always healthier products in the food industry.

Sweet tooth passionate about cooking, at least once in your life wondered how to make ice cream at home.

This is not surprising because everyone wants not only creative experimentation, but also confidence in the quality of the food. Only in your own kitchen, we can control the process of making any of the treats, which is especially important in families with young children.

We always want to protect children from endless chemical additives that are so prevalent in the food industry. Therefore, buying store ice-cream, you should choose a product made according to the recipe in accordance with GOST.

Ice cream composition: GOST for ice cream

There is a big difference between the technical conditions (TU), which for its products determines the enterprise, and GOST — all-Union state standard that went to CIS countries inherited from the Soviet Union.

Very true the habit in the choice of food in the store to pay attention to the packaging in search of GOST. The fact that any product of these terms is usually much higher than THAT vague individual enterprises.

This is also confirmed by the rules of international trade, where the acts GOST interstate standard in the CIS as a non-legal normative act.

So what’s approved Visitor for recipes ice-cream sundae?

In the composition of this cream can be only the following ingredients:

  • natural cow milk and butter;
  • whole condensed milk with sugar;
  • condensed and dried cream;
  • eggs;
  • buttermilk and whey.

Flavors for ice cream can be berries, fruits, coffee and cocoa products.


How to make ice cream

We offer you some recipes for cooking at home. Introducing them in your kitchen, you can choose the ice cream that they like the most, because each of us has cherished the taste of childhood – the ice cream that mom bought for dad for a walk.

Ice cream: recipe 1948

Having studied classical recipe 2, 1948, we learn how to make plumbline fat ice cream and Lite milk ice cream.

Fatty plomberie ice cream at home

We need

  • Yolk chicken — 4 PCs.;
  • Cream (10%) — 200 ml;
  • Cream (35%) — 500 ml;
  • Powdered sugar — 1 Cup;
  • Vanilla – up to 2 grams (to taste).

How to cook

  • The yolks and sugar rubs to white — in a small saucepan with a thick bottom.
  • Slowly introduce low-fat cream and mix thoroughly in a blender on low, then on medium speed.
  • Add to the mix the vanilla and set on fire.
  • Over medium heat, stirring constantly, bring mixture almost to a boil but do not allow to boil!
  • The desired level of heating is determined using table spoon.
  • Dialed the mixture in a spoon and hold a finger line. The groove of the finger should disappear immediately.
  • The heated mixture then pass through a sieve into a large bowl put in the freezer.
  • Heavy cream whisk in a solid foam.
  • When the mixture solidifies, add it to the whipped cream and whisk everything together until homogeneity. Put the ice cream in the freezer for 1.5 hours.
  • Semi-frozen ice cream, whisk again, in the process adding favorite flavor accents – nuts, candied fruits, chocolate. A fully assembled ice cream freeze until ready.