Hot chocolate in French

In numerous coffeehouses are trying to convince that hot chocolate is melted dark chocolate with a few slices of sugar or honey. No, not really. Hot chocolate is like a cocktail, wonderful drink, taste harmony which is achieved through clear and thoughtful combination of various ingredients.

Once in the narrow streets of Paris starts to get colder, the French immediately take shelter in a cafe, but to replace sweet red wines come in a large Cup of hot chocolate and pancakes ‘crêpes’ with chestnut jam.


Milk — 3 cups
Sour cream 35% 1 Cup
Sugar — ¼ Cup
Crushed dark chocolate — ¼ Cup
Pinch of salt
Vanilla sugar — 1 tsp

Method of preparation:

In a large pot, mix two cups of milk and a half Cup of sour cream, heated over low heat, without boiling. In another container mix and stirs up chocolate, sugar, and salt. In the received mix add a Cup of milk and vanilla sugar. Add all in a large pot, mix well and leave on heat for about two minutes, then pour out the vessels. The remaining half Cup of sour cream, beat with a whisk. The resulting air foam with a teaspoon gently put on top of a hot drink.

Sour cream absorbs sugar and creates a more mild chocolate flavor, warming and voluminous. Instead of sour cream, however, the French cuisiniers Amateurs only add milk, but it is preheated and mixed with corn flour. Honey, whiskey or any other liquor, a pinch of coffee or other ingredient in recipes… hot chocolate no taboo, intuition, personal taste preferences play a dominant role here.

But one should not forget that:

— only used milk with a high fat content or farmer;
— chocolate should initially be mixed with salt and sugar, cinnamon and all other dry ingredients, add milk and cream in the last turn;
— whipped cream or whipped cream, whipped with sugar egg white should be added just before the tasting;
— if you don’t have a high-quality chocolate powder (not to be confused with soluble cocoa!), the chocolate is better to melt separately, and then follow the

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