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Homemade fish sticks


Eggs — 3 PCs
Flour — 1 Cup
Fillet of cod, halibut or tilapia — 450 g
Breadcrumbs — 200 g
Salt — 1 teaspoon
Parmesan cheese (grated) — 200 g
Red pepper (ground) — 1 teaspoon


1. Slice the fish fillet cubes and roll them in flour.
2. Then whisk the eggs, add pepper and salt. Breadcrumbs mix with grated on a fine grater cheese. Dip fish pieces in egg mixture, then roll in breadcrumbs.

3. Lay the fillets on a baking sheet greased with vegetable oil and send in a preheated 230 degree oven for 15-20 minutes.
4. Fish sticks are ready! Serve them with sauce Tartar or any other of Your choice!homemade-fish-sticks

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