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Home quesadilla with chicken for 30 minutes

300-500 gr. champignons
20 c. grated cheese «Gouda»
1 PC. tortilla
1 small chicken breast
5-6 hours. L. red beans
1 bunch cilantro
Sauce «Tabasco» to taste
1 tomato

1. Take the breast, tomatoes, mushrooms and chop everything finely enough. First fry the meat (the fire should be medium) under cover somewhere for 7 min., And then add the mushrooms.
2. Prepare all 10 minutes. Season with salt. Then Apply a tortilla beans, cilantro, cheese, tomatoes, pour all the sauce «Tabasco».
3. Next, add to the meat with mushrooms and fold tortilla in half.
4. Now fry on both sides of the cake. Roast somewhere every 60 seconds. It is better to take the frying pan for the grill, but you can use the usual, but first it must be heated to a fairly high heat.
5. When ready, cut the quesadilla into several parts. When you serve the dish, do not forget to pour his sauce avocado (guacamole).home-quesadilla-with-chicken-for-30-minutes