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Hazelnut wafer candy

These candies are not very simple,but extremely tasty.

You will need:
-150 gr. milk chocolate
-150 gr. dark chocolate
-50 ml. of 33% cream
-30 gr. butter
-100 gr. hazelnut
-50 gr. dry without stuffing waffles
-150 gr. dark chocolate, for coating.

1.Take waffles and cut them into pieces,not dust.
2. Then the hazelnuts.
3. Cut him a medium, not a crumb.
4. Then heat the milk chocolate in the microwave 1.15 minutes at a power of 1000 Watts.
5. All of this is mixed.
6.Spread on parchment in a box with high sides.
Put in the fridge to harden for an hour or two.
7.For the ganache.
Warm the cream in the microwave,add the dark chocolate and butter.
8.All carefully mix it.
9.Pour prepared hazelnut wafer basis.
Again in the fridge to harden for 2 hours.
10.The cured yummy hot knife cut into pieces.
11.Flush dark chocolate 1.15 minutes in the microwave at a power of 1000 Watts.
12.Glaziou dark chocolate.
And back in the fridge to harden.
13.After hardening, you can start to enjoy…hazelnut-wafer-candy

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