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Grilled vegetables


Tomatoes — 45 g
Onion10 g
Eggplant — 35 g
Zucchini35 g
Bulgarian pepper (yellow and red)10 g
Salt4 g
Paprika2 g
Vegetable oil — 5 g


1. Prepare the ingredients. Dice vegetables into cubes of 3-4 cm.
2. Strung on a skewer: first the tomatoes, yellow pepper, onion, then red pepper.
3. Aftereggplant, peppers/onions, zucchini.
4. Grease the vegetables with vegetable oil and salt. If desired, season with paprika.
5. To hold on the grill for 6-7 minutes.
6. Skewers are ready place them on a platter.grilled-vegetables