Ginger truffle with cloves


Milk chocolate — 100 g
The dark chocolate 55% — 100 g
Cream — 130 ml
Ginger root 6 g
Lemon — 1 piece
Butter — 12 g
Glucose powder — 12 g
Clove, to taste


1. With half of lemon peel zest, citrus itself to be postponed — more than he needed. Mix the glucose, zest, ginger, pour the mixture into the cream. All this was poured into a saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat, allow to cool to 70 degrees. While the mixture is cooling, melt the milk chocolate and heat to 50 degrees. Mix with butter mixture.
2. The mass was then beat with a blender for a smooth texture — not raising the nozzle above the level of the mixture, so it does not get oxygen.
3. To enter the soft butter and stir. Pour the mixture into a ceramic mold and cover with plastic wrap so that it completely adheres to the surface of the ganache.
4. Put in the refrigerator for twelve to fifteen hours (approximately overnight). Then from the mass roll balls or chop it into rectangles, as here, and again put in the refrigerator.
5. To prepare the dark chocolate in the microwave or in a water bath to heat it to 45 degrees, immediately remove and place the bowl on ice or in cold water and allow to cool to 33 degrees. Dip each candy into the chocolate, then slightly sprinkle cloves, allow to dry and serve.ginger-truffle-with-cloves

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