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Fried fish with mushrooms


Fish — 500 g
Chicken eggs — 1 PC.
Mushrooms — 300 g
Onion — 150 g
Salt — to taste


1. Fish fillet or fish pieces must be washed with water. Then just dry them with paper towels and leave it to lie down while. Now beat two eggs and pour them out onto a flat plate. And the second plate scatter the breadcrumbs, but without the addition of sesame seeds. Now drop the first fish in the bowl with the eggs, then into the bowl with the breadcrumbs. After you put in the pan and fry just until Golden brown.

2. As a garnish for fish we will make a great addition of mushrooms. To do this, it is possible to put and how to cut fresh mushrooms, and dried. If you have dried mushrooms, they just need to be soaked in water and then chop. If you have fresh mushrooms, then chop them into small cubes. You also need to cut very finely and onion, but before cleaning it.

3. In a large pan, first fry the onion, then put the mushrooms, fry them until cooked. If you formed the water in the pan, pour it is not worth it, you need to fry the mixture until the water evaporates. Once the mushroom mixture cooks, place on plate first fish pieces, and then the mushroom appetizer. All decorated with sprigs of greenery.fried-fish-with-mushrooms

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