Fish snack cake «Fishing luck»

red fish salted (trout or salmon) – 500 g
the boiled eggs – 4 PCs.
boiled rice – 4-5 tbsp
crab sticks (or shrimp) – 1 pack
For the cream:
soft cheese «Philadelphia» – 100 g
sour cream – 4 tbsp
mayonnaise – 4 tbsp
gelatin 8 g
For decoration:
red caviar

1.Preparation cream. Gelatin soak in 0.5 cups of water for 30-40 minutes to swell and dissolve in a water bath.
2.While the gelatin cools, combine until smooth sour cream, mayonnaise and cream cheese. First to the cheese gradually add mayonnaise and RUB, then add sour cream and thoroughly stir.
3.Then, while stirring, pour in the mixture cooled down to an easy heat the gelatin solution.
The cream is thick like sour cream.
4.RUB on a small grater separately the yolks, whites and crab sticks.
Form cover with plastic wrap.
5.Fish cut into thin strips and spread on the bottom and sides of the form.
6.In form, lined with slices of fish, spread layers:
grated yolks
grated crab sticks
grated proteins
7.We put the form with the cake in the refrigerator overnight to harden gelatin cream Through 8-10 hours get the form with the cake from the refrigerator, cover tightly with a plate and turn over the cake falls onto the

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