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Fish in your pool

We will need:

any fish 1-1. 5 kg

potatoes 400-500 gr

the cheese-100-150 g

sour cream 1 Cup

flour 1 tbsp

salt, pepper, herbs to taste


The pieces of fish salt, pepper and fry on both sides until Golden brown

The potatoes cook in their skins until soft, cooled, otisheim, cut into rings and fry in deep fat

In the form of stacked potatoes
Further, according to the recipe, you need to put the pieces of fried fish, but I decided to separate from the bones, what would your favorite men did not pick, and laid out large chunks potatoes
sprinkled with grated cheese
and now the sauce, here of course the author is a little let down, but I got out of position and I bring to your attention your option, 1 Cup of sour cream to dilute half Cup of water, bring to a boil, add salt, pepper and enter 1 tbsp flour, color added half teaspoon of turmeric, pour this sauce dish
Send in the oven at 200-220 g for 20-30 min.fish-in-your-pool

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