Fish baked in pita bread


●Fish fillets — 1 PC.
●Armenian lavash thin — 2-3 leaves (depending on size)
●Butter — about 100 gr.
●Tomato — 1 PC.
●Dill (fresh or dry) — to taste.
●Salt, pepper, spices — to taste


1. Prepare the fish: remove the film on the abdomen, cut the fins, cut off his head.
2. Cut tomato in half rings (can be any other way, but better close-up).
3. The sheets of lavash grease with butter. This will give the pita taste and softness.
4. In the middle of one sheet put our fish. Add salt, pepper, add spices to taste. I personally for this recipe only salted.
5. Inside the abdomen, put the pieces of butter. It will give the fish a little juiciness.
6. Also inside the abdomen put tomato slices and dill. It is better to use fresh dill (it can be put straight beam or finely chop). If You use fresh dill — then put him more — the taste will only improve. In principle you can add and parsley for flavor.
7. Wrap the fish in the first sheet of lavash. Flip and fold the second sheet. Have to happen so that the pita bread on all sides is well hidden fish to avoid «holes». If necessary, use the third sheet.
8. Wrap the fish in pita bread in foil (also very carefully).
9. Place on a baking sheet and put in pre-heated oven to 180 degrees for about 50 — 60

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