Favorite salad of Brad Pitt

Delicious, nutritious and healthy dish. One of my favorite salads is a famous actor Brad Pitt.

You will need:

Avocado — 3 pieces.
Red tomatoes — 400 grams.
White onion — 100 grams.
Red beans in its own juice — Bank.
Chili pepper – 1 piece.
Salt and black pepper to taste.
Lime juice – 20 grams.
Olive oil -1 tablespoon.


Tomatoes cut into cubes and put in a salad bowl.
Add thinly sliced onion half rings and chili pepper, rinsed beans and sliced cube the flesh of the avocado. Dressed the salad with lime juice and oil. Add salt and pepper to taste.favorite-salad-of-brad-pitt

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