Dutch rolls


— pack of puff pastry
— ham; tomato
— pickled cucumbers
— the egg
— spices and
— herbs: black pepper, oregano, marjoram, Basil.


Roll out the dough and add the mustard.
Grate cheese, tomato, ham and cucumber cut into small cubes.
Spread the filling line in the middle of the test: first the cheese, then the rest of cheese and again.
Sprinkle with pepper and herbs quite a bit.
Turn the roulade and gently place on baking sheet.
Grease rolls a raw egg to Golden brown, and liberally sprinkle herbs for fragrance.
Bake until cooked.

Possible variations:
the ham can be replaced with any other meat product, caught at your fingertips: sausage of any kind, even sausages.
At the big desire it is possible even to replace it with pieces of fried meat, chicken, pork — whatever you want.
Tomato perfectly replaced by bell peppers.
But you can fine them together in one loaf. The main thing is to keep in the recipe for mustard and pickles — they create the piquant charm of this loaf.dutch-rolls

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