Dumplings with potatoes, bacon and onions


Wheat flour — 600 g
The water is warm — 0, 4 liters.
Eggs — 2 pcs.
Salt — 1 hour. L.
Sugar — 1 hour. L.


Potatoes — at your discretion
Mushrooms — at your discretion
Bacon — at your discretion


1. put the flour salt and sugar, add eggs and pour a little water, vymeshivaya.
2. mesim dough until it starts to lag behind the rest. Cover, give «rest» for 15-20 minutes. Then roll out thinly, but so that the dough is not torn.
3. glass cut out circles.
In some regions, the dough is kneaded in water and kefir, adding a little more, and soda. Then dumpling thrown into the water in front of swells and becomes plump.


1. Potatoes and boil until it has cooled down, turn into a puree. Add the fried onions, mushrooms, and cracklings. Add some salt to taste.
2. Stuffing divide into portions so that its per dumpling was twice that of the test. BLIND dumplings, send them in salted boiling water. A few minutes — and ready to full plate of steaming fragrant beauties. Serve, greased lard, bacon and fried with onions and gravy boat separately — of course cream.dumplings-with-potatoes-bacon-and-onions

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