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Diet pizza with chicken and mushrooms

Ingredients (8 servings):

Caloric value per serving: 81 kcal

Flour 50 g
Olive oil 5 g
Powder 1.5%, 20 ml
Natural yoghurt 50 g
Tomatoes 100 g
Champignons 70 g
Chicken fillet 100 g
Ketchup or tomato paste diluted with spices and herbs, or any other sauce 30 g
Mozzarella cheese 70 g


1. Mix the yogurt, milk, butter, add flour and knead the dough well, roll it into a thin circle.
2. Boil chicken fillet.
3. Grease the rolled out crust with tomato sauce.
4. Put chopped tomato, fillet, champignons, sprinkle with grated cheese and place in oven 180 degrees until cooked.Diet-pizza-with-chicken-and-mushrooms