Delicious Crispy chicken legs

● Chicken legs — 5 pcs
● Egg — 1 pc
● Ketchup — 1 tablespoon
● Breadcrumbs — 75 g
● Peanuts (grated) — 100 g
● Salt — 0.5 tsp
● Spices for chicken
● Vegetable oil — 60 ml

Wash the chicken legs and remove their skin. Whisk the egg. Add salt and ketchup. Whisk. In a plastic bag or in a bowl mix the breadcrumbs with grated peanuts and spices. Dip the stem into the egg mixture. Then get covered in breadcrumbs. Completely cover the leg of the dry mix. On a hot skillet fry each foot (about 30 minutes at 190 degrees).delicious-crispy-chicken-legs

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