Delicious Apple pie-lenticonus

We will need :

9 tablespoons vegetable oil without smell

half a glass of sugar
a Cup of flour
3 eggs
apples 6-8 pieces of medium size
1 teaspoon soda slaked vinegar

Preparation :

With a whisk beat eggs until frothy,then add sugar (I just put the eggs and sugar)

(And all fluffed up with a mixer. I find it much easier)

Then add hydrated soda, rust. oil (I added vanilla), flour. Again beat with a mixer until smooth. That’s the consistency turned out.

Apples I washed and cleaned

Cut the dough in any size


Put in the form (24 cm) with baking paper

Put in oven preheated to 200-220 ml for 35-45 minutes. Depends on the oven. Readiness check with a toothpick.

When I put her dish was very surprised how soft it is! And what flavor…. mmmmm……

Here’s a breakdown. Our whole family liked it! Please make more!



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