Cutlets canned fish


1. rice — 300 g
2. the canned fish — 1 Bank
3. onions — 2-3 PCs average
4. eggs — 2 PCs
5. corn flour — 3-4 tbsp
6. vegetable oil
7. salt
8. ground pepper

Ordinary fish cakes , suggest the presence of fish. And this recipe cutlets assumes the availability of canned fish. Simple and very soulful.

Boil the rice until cooked.

Canned fish choose: butter or oil added. The fish thoroughly mash with a fork or blend in the blender. Bow overfry until Golden brown.

To the rice add: canned fish, fried onions and salt.
In the beef patties are driven in 2 eggs and pour allspice and black pepper. All knead.
From the resulting meat formed fishcakes and obvalue them in corn meal. It is corn flour will give the cutlets original flavor at all, and it’s better than breadcrumbs. Fry patties in vegetable oil.
Serve fish cakes with any side dish or fresh salad. The highlight of the fish cakes from canned food: any store there will always have all the ingredients, very original flavor, hearty and NOT EXPENSIVE!cutlets-canned-fish

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