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Curd rolls with pita bread


The creamy cheese 5-9 % — 200 g
Yogurt — 80 ml
The Armenian lavash — 1 PC.
Peanut butter — 15 g
The dried cherries — 15 g
The dark raisins — 15 g
Candied lemon -15 g
Honey — 30 g


1. Perfect for a simple snack or for tea.» The less fat products you take, the more dietary dish will. In this case I used the best variant — cottage cheese 5% fat and 1% yogurt, all without sugar.
2. To the cream cheese add the yogurt. So the cheese will not be so dry and it’s easier to spread on pita bread. You can add instead of kefir sour cream, but then it will be not very nutritionally
3. Pita bread cut into four squares. Stepping back 1.5-2 cm from the top edge, lay out an even layer of the cheese mixture and sprinkle with nuts (in this case peanuts), raisins, candied fruit, etc. (I already had a ready-made mix, which I usually add to oatmeal). You can just add the raisins. Then turn all into a tube.
4. Ducts to put in a heated pan (no oil) and heat it for 2-3 minutes on each side — the pita is crisp.
5. Dried straws to get out of the frying pan, add honey and eat. Top can be decorated with nuts or candied fruit. Alternatively please slice and serve rolls.curd-rolls-with-pita-bread

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