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Cucumber salad with sauce

Cucumbers — 6 PCs small / large 2 PCs.
Red onion — 1 PC.
Sour cream — 4 tbsp
Dill — 2 tbsp
Sugar — 1 tsp
Black pepper
Balsamic vinegar — a few drops


1. Thinly slice cucumbers. Red onion peel and thinly slice into half rings. Layer cucumbers – layer onion – salt, etc. Place in the refrigerator for 2 hours (if you prefer them to be crispy).
2. In a small bowl pour the cream, add black pepper, sugar and dill. Pour a bit of vinegar. If the vinegar taste is too tart, add a little more sour cream and a pinch of sugar (in proportion).
3. Squeeze the extra water from the vegetables and place into a clean dish. Mix with the sauce. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.cucumber-salad-with-sauce

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