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Croquettes with cheese


Meat (beef) broth — 1 liter
Butter — 80 g
Ground beef — 200 g
Onion — 1/2 PC.
Parmesan 120 g
Mozzarella — 200 g
Olive oil — 2 tbsp
Tomato paste — 400 ml
Salt, pepper — to taste
Rice (for risotto) — 500 g
Egg — 2 PCs.
White wine — 100 ml
Breadcrumbs + 2 eggs (for breading)
Sunflower oil


1. Let’s start with cooking the meat sauce.
2. Saute the onion in butter (30 g) and olive oil.Add ground beef and sauté until brown.Pour in the wine and wait until the wine evaporates.Then add tomato paste, salt and pepper, and cook about 20 minutes until thick.

3. Now in a saucepan place the rice and pour the broth. Cook on the principle of cooking risotto, but only 2/3 of the time (about 13 minutes).Remove from heat and add butter (50 g) and grated Parmesan cheese.Mix thoroughly.Add 2 eggs.
4. Place the rice on a baking paper thin. So it cools faster.
5. Once the rice has cooled, shape into 20 balls. In the middle make a hole and put 2-3 slices of mozzarella. Close the opening.

6. 2 whisk the eggs in a bowl, in another place the breadcrumbs. Roll rice ball in egg, then in breadcrumbs. When all the balls «wrapped» do it all over again: in the egg in the breadcrumbs. Thus get a double breading.
7. Fry the croquettes in sunflower oil, turning them with a spoon (it should be not very hot at the time of frying, otherwise the mozzarella will flow out).Some croquettes Ammonite in paper towel to remove excess fat. Serve hot.croquettes-with-cheese