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Colored Farfalle with smoked salmon


flour (wheat + semola) — 350 g + 150 g
chicken eggs — 2 PCs + 12 egg yolks
salt (for dough) — 10 g
the ink squid — 1 tbsp
tomato paste — 1 tbsp
spinach (svezhezamorozhennaya) — 60 g
salmon (fillet without skin) — 400 g
leek (the white part)
sun-dried tomatoes — 40 g
broccoli — 1 head
Basil — 2 bunches
pine nuts
olive oil (for frying) — 1/4 tbsp
garlic — 2 cloves
rosemary — 1 bunch
Parmesan cheese — 200 g


1. Knead a dough with the egg yolks, eggs and several kinds of flour.
2. Add the cuttlefish ink…
3. Or spinach.
4. Or tomato paste.
Knead the dough for about 15 minutes, then wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for half an hour, the dough came out elastic.
5. The finished dough roll out thin, cut into squares.

6. Bring them in the middle — you get the bow or «Farfalle» is Italian for «butterfly».
7. While you tie the bow, ready Farfalle can be laid out on a tray sprinkled with flour so the pasta doesn’t stick together.
8. Finely chop the onion and garlic. Salmon – slices.
9. Fry in olive oil with smoked salmon and rosemary on high heat for a couple minutes.
10. Broccoli slightly simmered for 5 minutes and add to the salmon.colored-farfalle-with-smoked-salmon

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