Cold cake with marshmallow


Zephyr — 400 g
Eggs — 2 PCs.
Crumbly cookies — 400 g
Sugar — 0.5 cups
Milk — 1 Cup
Butter — 200 g
Lemon — 1 piece (zest)
Cocoa — 2 tbsp


1. Split marshmallows in half and put into a form.
2. Break the eggs into a separate container and grind them with sugar.
3. Cookies crumble, add into the egg-sugar mixture.
4. The resulting mixture pour the milk and cook, stirring constantly, until a thick pulp, then cool.

5. Oil put them in a container. Wash the lemon, zest to rub on a small grater, mix with butter.
6. Add the cooled RAS its mass and again to mix.
7. In the form of cakes put the cream part of the cookie, then the marshmallow halves and cover with marshmallows again a layer of cream biscuits.cold-cake-with-marshmallow

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