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Clafoutis with cherries

— 3-4 cups cherry
— 3 eggs
— 80 grams, 1 tablespoon sugar
— 100 grams of flour
— 200 grams of milk
— pinch of salt
— powdered sugar

1. Cherry clear from the bones, mix with one tablespoon of sugar.
2. Beat the eggs with the remaining sugar, add salt, milk. Continuing to whisk, add the flour. Stir until until the dough is smooth.
3. Form for baking grease with butter, place the cherries, pour the batter. Bake clafoutis at 180 degrees for 40 minutes, when serving sprinkle it with powdered sugar. Clafoutis with cherries ready.

You can use frozen or canned cherries.clafoutis-with-cherries

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