Chocolate rolls


10 — 12 servings
For chocolate pancakes:
milk — 1.5 to 2 cups
egg 2 PCs
soda 12 tsp
cocoa — 3 tbsp
vegetable oil
For the filling:
cottage cheese — 400 g
sour cream — 4 tbsp
sugar, vanilla sugar or vanillin at the tip of a knife (instead of sugar use caster sugar)


1. The milk heat up so it’s warm, add the eggs, baking soda, 13 Cup vegetable oil, all mix up , add cocoa and again peremeshaem. Then type thin stream of flour. The dough should be the consistency as sour cream.Baked pancakes with a diameter of 20 — 24 cm, each finished lubricating butter.
2. Cottage cheese mixed with sour cream, sugar and vanilla so try to mix, without grains of curd, and obtain a homogeneous mass.

3. Take the finished pancakes, liberally lubricated his cheese filling and folded into a tube, in this way making the remaining pancakes. Putting on a plate and put into the fridge, about an hour to an hour to curd filling to harden.
4. Then take it out, slice into small bars. On the plate in which we serve, put a thick cream sauce, sauce from frozen berries blended with powdered sugar, jam, jam, fruit — who he prefers and install our own rolls.chocolate-rolls

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