Chicken summer

Ingredients and preparation:

The most important thing in this recipe to make a marinade. To do this, take three peppers — red, yellow and green, but you can do one color (a colorful sauce will look dressy). Peretz must be cleaned of seeds and finely chop or grate. In this meal you need to add 30 grams of vegetable oil, chopped parsley and dill, a little onion (finely chopped, too), lavrushki leaf, salt, black pepper, nutmeg, and quite a bit of garlic.

If you like vinegar, add a few drops in the marinade, if not, replace it with a teaspoon of lemon juice. In the finished pickle dip chicken pieces, mix well and let everything marinate for 2-4 hours. If the day is hot, the chicken is better to put in the fridge to marinade not sour excessively.

Once the chicken is constant, it is necessary to get out of the marinade and carefully clean all the pieces, but in any case, do not wash. Fry best on a cast-iron skillet. Pour into quite a bit of vegetable oil and fry on all sides of chicken pieces. Somehow, after such a fried chicken marinade color turns to some extraordinarily beautiful and surprisingly gentle.

Then shift the chicken in utyatnitsu, pour the remaining marinade and put the stew. In the same pan stew not advise it, the sauce is poured on a wide frying pan bottom and does not cover the chicken completely. Stew chicken long, 20-30 minutes. Five minutes until cooked, add a little garlic. And the best place not the teeth, and the green part, the young trunk and feathers, this addition is only possible in the summer.chicken-summer

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