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Chicken schnitzel

Chicken breast — 1 Each
Eggs — 2-3 pieces
Rusk bread — 1 cup
Salt — — to taste
Oil — — to taste (sunflower or olive)

Servings: 4

1. Prepare all the ingredients. Whatever you do next depends on the size of the chicken breast. You need to cut it into thin slices in the amount of schnitzels. I am doing so. First, cut off a slice across the grain side.
2. Gently take hold of a piece, cut it by 2 longitudinal parts. Similarly Burke remains the largest piece of chicken breast. As a result, we obtained are quite thin, but large pieces of chicken. Each of them must be good to fight off — and then take the form of pieces of chicken schnitzel.
3. In a small bowl break the eggs, stir well fork, add salt. Put the pan with a little oil to heat up. Each steak, meanwhile, is a good breading.
4. Then, on both sides of good steaks dipped in eggs. Fry the resulting steaks for about 2 minutes on each side. Schnitzels ready!chicken-schnitzel