Chicken salad with cheese


Smoked chicken leg quarter — 1 piece or 400 gr. smoked chicken breast
Chicken egg – 2 PCs.
Corn sweet canned – 150 gr.
Hard cheese – 130 gr.
Mayonnaise 50% — 200 gr.
Tomato medium size – 2 PCs.
Garlic – 2 cloves
Herbs: dill – 2 sprigs
Spices: salt, black ground pepper – to taste


Chicken fillet cut into cubes and place first layer in a salad bowl or dessert bowl.
Grind the garlic. Lubricate the first layer with mayonnaise and sprinkle with garlic.
The second layer of canned corn. To grease with mayonnaise.
The third layer of the salad cut into small cubes tomatoes. To grease with mayonnaise. Pepper, sprinkle with salt.
Grind the boiled eggs and placed on a layer of tomatoes. From grated cheese make the top layer in the form of beautiful hats.Decorate as desired.
After 20 minutes, the salad can be served.chicken-salad-with-cheese

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