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Chicken rolls with mushrooms

Chicken rolls with mushrooms


– Chicken fillet 2 substrate
– Fresh mushrooms 1 box

– Onions 1 PC.
– Bulgarian pepper 1 PC.
– Spices to taste
– Cheese durum 2


1. Every breast, I lovingly smeared on both sides with a sharp mixture (mustard, horseradish, and adjika). We are fans of spicy cuisine. Breast, respectively, repulsed. Then salt each side. Put aside. Let lie and impregnated….
I did not breast into two parts cutting as many recommend for rolls. Repulsed as you are.
2. Cut fresh mushrooms. And fry them in a pan with onions. Butter.
3. Separately, prepare a mixture of cheese and chopped garlic. I have two of cheese. Parmesan and Gouda. Pour homemade mayonnaise. Slightly.

4. Now in the thick foil on the breast, put layers: cheese mixture, and mushrooms for color (otherwise it will turn pale) red bell pepper. You can add greenery, but I prefer her to decorate and not put to thermal processing.
5. Collapsible roll and envelops it with foil.
In my opinion, the rolls are pale. Well, of course, they’re in the foil you cooked. And I’m still slightly busted up. Purely for beauty.

6. Now the main thing that the knife was sharp. Cut without noise and dust.
It may seem that a lot of chicken, but filling enough. This is not so. The Golden middle. This filling is sufficient that the breast has not turned dry. All ideally!!
7. Garnish with herbs and tomatoes…you’ll note that our bell pepper gave ruletikom playful.