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Chicken rolls with mushrooms


salt, pepper
chicken fillet


1.Finely cut. And fry on a dry pan, seasoned with salt, pepper and such seasoning.
2.And now chicken. And from it the way we do a digestible form to roll. Just cover with baking paper and roll out
3.Sprinkle with salt, pepper, dried paprika, a couple of leaves of sage.
4.Put the mushrooms.

5.Bandaging thread.
6.Fry in a dry hot skillet until brown on each side.
7.After you put in a ceramic form, add a little vegetable or chicken broth. But there’s a lot of variations.
8.The main thing that is roasted, put and bake 15 minutes in oven at 180 degreeschicken-rolls-with-mushrooms-2

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