Chicken cooked in edible plate


Chicken thighs — 4 pcs. (770 g)
Lemon — 0.25 pc.
Dried basil — 1 tbsp. l.
Garlic — 6 tooth.
Salt big — 1-1.5 hours. L.
Pepper — 0.5 hours. L.
Olive oil — 4 tbsp. l.

dough (200 g):

Olive oil


1. To start, do dressing for chicken garlic and mix with chopped basil, salt, pepper, pour the oil. If there is a mortar, grind it. I like to buy the top of the chicken legs, where meat is tender and plentiful, but the seed is small.
2. My, obsushivayut them and rub the mixture on all sides. While Roll out the dough (any suitable, puff, yeast dumplings) in a thin layer, and fast forward to a greased teflon mold (22 cm). The bottom has decided not to impale that the juice is not flowing and does not stick!

3. Transfer the chicken pieces in the dough between polukruzhki lemon.
4. Along the edges of the dough and pinch to walk on the edge of the brush with oil.
5. Put the bake 45-50 minutes at 180 C. In the process I have collected from the bottom heated with juices and watered overhead.

6. Dala stand off the oven. Who in the oven is a function of «grill», can be inserted at the end.
7. Get a kind of thin pizza with a portion of tender and flavorful chicken. Even as the lemon grilled turned out.chicken-cooked-in-edible-plate

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