Chicken chops with cheese

Chicken chops with cheese


chicken breast – 500 g

cheese – 150g
eggs – 2pcs
mayonnaise – 3 tbsp
flour – 3st.l
dill, salt, pepper, oil for frying.


1.Chicken breast cut into pieces a La carte. Repel, salt and pepper. Leave a little brew.
2.Separately in a bowl mix eggs, mayonnaise, flour, parsley. Add a little salt and pepper.
Cheese rub on a grater.
3.On each piece of chipped meat with a spoon blend our egg mixture.
Spread on a hot frying pan with egg sauce to the bottom.

4.Spread on top of cheese.
Then gently with a spoon pour the steak sauce.
5.Fry from two parties to readiness.
Serve with your favourite side dish.

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