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Cheesecake dessert Old Riga

— 400 g of cottage cheese (any fat, the taste is not affected)
— 200 g sour cream (any fat)
— 20 g of gelatin
— 1 tin pineapple cubes
— 0.5 liter of pineapple juice
— 1/2-3/4 cans of condensed milk (adjust sweetness according to your taste)

1. Gelatin to dissolve for 40-50 minutes in pineapple juice (to it and add the liquid from the pineapple cubes).
2. Curd whipped with sour cream, vanilla and condensed milk (blender).
3. Swollen gelatin to dissolve on low heat (to boil not to bring!), mix with cream cheese mixture and add the pineapple cubes (pineapple is preferably always, it taste more vivid).
4. Pour into dessert molds and put in the refrigerator in a few hours, you can taste incredibly delicious and tender!cheesecake-dessert-old-riga

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