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Cheese rolls stuffed with spicy stuffing

Processed cheese in discs (I have the President Butter) -10 pieces;
Korean carrot – 300 grams;
Boiled chicken egg – 3 pieces;
Dill – 1 large bunch;
Garlic – 2 cloves;
Natural yoghurt (sour cream, mayonnaise) – 3 tablespoons
Salt, pepper

For the filling — shredded in a blender eggs+Korean carrot+garlic+yogurt +a little balsamic vinegar(mayonnaise).
Caused the filling to a plate of cheese, rolled it into rolls and roll them in finely chopped dill (if it will be bad stick, you can brush the rolls with a thin layer of yogurt or mayonnaise. I — mustard oiled)cheese-rolls-stuffed-with-spicy-stuffing

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