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Cheese baskets

You will need:

• squids — 400 g
• 3 small fresh cucumber (or Chinese cabbage)
• 2 boiled eggs
• 300 grams of cheese
• mayonnaise for refueling

How to cook:

1. First, make baskets, as the unfolding of salad before they have a good freeze.
The bottom is flat dish grease with butter, rub a little cheese on top, spread out a circle with a diameter of 10-12 cm. Put the bowl for 20 seconds in the microwave or place in preheated oven to melt the cheese.

2. get, give a little cool, then carefully remove the cheese circle with plates, put on an inverted cup and attach the desired shape.

3. Put in refrigerator until cool. So did the rest of the cheese.

4. squid carcass clean, delete a chord, wash well, put in a bowl and pour boiling water. So repeat 2 times. Then remove the squid from the water, cut into half rings or strips.
Cucumbers cut into sticks.

5. Eggs finely chop with a knife.

6. Mix all the ingredients, if necessary — add salt, dressed with mayonnaise and put in refrigerator to cool.

7. Before serving decompose in baskets. Decorate with olives, lettuce, lemon circles.

We eat with cheese «container»cheese-baskets