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Charlotte.This cake always helps me


This cake always helps me when “guests on the threshold”, the recipe is simple, baked quickly, the products almost always have in the fridge.
What could be easier – fruit filling and top with dough. No frills – it’s simple, almost obscenely.

In fact, prescriptions Charlotte multitudes, and versions of its origin. In one version, the name “Charlotte” came from the spoiled French old English words charlyt, which means ‘a dish with a sweet cream’, on the other, talk about love of a chef to some poor Charlotte, in whose honor and named this dish.
But as we all know that Russia is Motherland of elephants, it is safe to say that the recipe is a pie “sharlotka” was born in our Fatherland. Piperno in the early nineteenth century there was a dish called Charlotte Russe. It was invented by the French chef Antoine careme, who was on duty at Alexander I. So.

We, though not in the service of the reigning monarchs, the cake will still cook a delicious. (A tasty meal, we love the Emperor!)

for Charlotte recipe we will need:

– 3 chicken eggs

– 1 Cup sugar

– 1 Cup sour cream

– 1 Cup of flour

– 1 h/l soda

– 3 medium sized apples (remove the seeds and stem) Apples is better to take Antonovka, pie with them a masterpiece, but if not, no problem, RUB a half of lemon peel laid on sweet apples, so I take frozen black and red currants, randomly throw it on the apples, and it turns out colorful and delicious.

– a handful of frozen red currants (do not defrost)

– a handful of frozen black currants (do not defrost)

Recipe cake Apple pie:

Egg, sugar beat
Enter the sour cream, whisk
Soda Gasim vinegar, add and whisk
The apples are left to slice them into thin slices. (There is, unlike the traditional recipe for “Charlotte” – not apples, cut slices or cubes, namely, flat slices)
In the dough, enter the flour, whisk until smooth.
Half of the dough for “Charlotte” pour in a greased form oil and put the apples.
Next, put the frozen currants.
Pour on top of the remains of the dough and bake in the oven 30-40 minutes at 180 degrees.
Readiness check with a toothpick – dry – ready!
As always, turning, extracted a product from the form.
Apple pie can be served not beautifying. And even hot!